Lilly Sue
Lilly Sue Adopted 1
Good Morning Ladies,
Just wanted to give you an update to Lilly. Linda and I have both commented the last couple of evenings how she is becoming one of the kids. And let me tell you, she now knows every aspect of the world of "treats".
She started out with us putting her in her kennel and laying a treat in there and then it evolved into sitting it on the floor and she would grab it up and take it somewhere, to now where she takes it out of our hand and eats it right there.
We do free feeding for the other dogs and she is really funny about that. She will sneak in the kitchen and grab some of that dry food as if she thinks she has to steal it.
We are still giving her the Pedigree pouches mixed in with some of her mini-chunks. It is the only way we can get her meds in her.
Lilly Sue Adopted 2
House training is going awesome! We have only had a couple of accidents in the house.
She has started being vocal in her kennel when we arrive home from work. MacGregor and Kirkland will bark so now she does too! (I think she loves Kirkland).
A couple of days ago she discovered the big dog bed on the floor in the den... now she camps out in it when we are watching TV. Last night she rolled over on her back and just squirmed around scratching her back, legs flying in the air.
She will lick our hand now, but every now and then she flinches and runs if we try and pick her up. I think she is doing well in her first two weeks.
Hope you get some sense of enjoyment reading this and knowing you made Lilly's new life possible.
Lilly Sue Adopted 3

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