Liberty Adopted 1

Liberty went to her new home this evening and will be much loved by Mark and Judy Murlin of Centerville Ohio. Judy and Mark will be taking Liberty on her first roadtrip this weekend to Michigan and they could not have been happier to add her to their family.
Liberty was already making herself at home by checking out the whole house and her new fursister Mandy. The Murlin's will send an update once they get home from there trip. Judy said her five year old grandson commented that the next dog should be named Freedom! How;s that for a true blue American kid! Liberty was a true pleasure to foster and will be missed by Kit and myself.

** Update 03/14/10 **
Hi Ladies,
We headed up to Michigan, which was just a bit over 4 hours, and she laid quietly, or sometimes looked out the window.
When we got there my sister was worried her 7 month old female golden would hurt such a small dog.... the worries were soon over. Maddy (their 75 lb's dog) was trying to play tennis ball catch with Libby, she would drop the ball next to Libby, but Libby just looked at her like... I can't put that big ball in my small mouth... They ran up and down the stairs side by side.......... and outside stayed close to each other when taking a walk.
The next day we were going to head back to Dayton, but took a side trip to Cleveland to see my other son's home that is being built.... another 3 hours drive... once again... she was really good to travel with, then back to Dayton 4 + hours in pouring rain... we found out she likes fast food french fries!!
She has already adopted all of us including our Toledo University son who was home for spring break, and our yorkie Mandy. She insists on sleeping in bed with us, and has only had one poopie accident the whole time we had her. She is also so funny how she sits next to you on her hind end like a person sitting up in a chair, and waives both front paws instisting that you pet her tummy immediately!!
Thanks so much for finding her for us, she is truly a delightful animal, and fits in perfect in our family.
She said hi, and she also loves being with us.
Best Regards,
Mark and Judy (and John)