Lexi Adopted 1

Lexi on the left, and Lola on the right

Hi Tami,
What a lovely evening it was with you and Laura! Thank you for driving to Columbus to bring Lexi. I hope you had a safe trip back. Were you able to stop, take a breather and get a bite to eat? I feel like I should have provided a dinner of some sort. Anyway... hope the drive and visit did not prove to be too stressful for you.
Lexi appears to be fine. Right now she is in her little bed sleeping with all legs up in the air. I think Lexi is exhausted from a restless night.

Lexi Adopted 8

I must say she loves and misses you as much as you do her. Last night she continued to go to the door and cry for a few hours and then cried in bed until about 4:00 am. It just broke my heart. Since then she is doing much better. Of course, she has Lola around to try to play with her (or annoy her) for a good part of the time.

Lexi Adopted 5

She has had a few bile episodes since she has yet to eat. This is what I am really trying to work on now. I have played with her food, offered her treats and fixed her half of a scrambled egg, but she is not interested. I have faith she will eat soon, as she becomes more comfortable with her new surroundings. I am making this my number one priority.

Lexi Adopted 2

I have left the front door open a good part of the morning, so she can see through the glass that you are not there. I think she needed to make sense of things. She laid there for a while basking in the sun and has since taken refuge in the dog bed. It is kind of funny --- for a good part of the morning, Lexi has slept in Lola's dog bed while Lola rests in the bed you brought for Lexi.

Lexi Adopted 6

Lola and Lexi have taken a couple of walks in the neighborhood and they did very well. They walk side-by-side, almost touching. This is good since Lola, IN the house, has been rather goofy with excitement.

Lexi Adopted 4

I hope nothing in the email makes you sad. Her attachment to you is a true testament to the love and care you have provided her. I thank you for that.

Lexi Adopted 7

I will keep you posted on how things are going. Please feel free to email, call.....or stop in anytime! I am absolutely serious!

Lexi Adopted 3

Take care.
Mary Beth

** Update 2/07/10 **
Thank you so much for sending those adorable pictures. Bert looks so much like his momma! I had Lexi practically on the computer screen to see her little boy....but she won't FOCUS! I guess I should understand the capabilities of dogs and not expect the same as students in class! It sounds like everything is working out well for Bert. I am so happy.
Lexi and Lola are doing great. They both are weighing in around 11 lbs. and appear to be well adjusted. They run around the house like fools a good part of their waking hours! People certainly take a liking to them at the assisted living facility.
I am swamped with school work right now, but I will send some pictures sometime soon.
Again, thank you for sharing.
Take care.
** Update 07/11/10 **
That is a very cute picture of Bert!!! I will sit Lexi on the desk by the computer in hopes that she will recognize her baby boy. Actually, when I say Bert, Mert, Gert and Tami....she will cock her head.
Lexi and Lola are doing well. They have certainly put in a great deal of travel time, as they still go to my parent's assisted living facility every (or every other) weekend. Lol and Lex spend a great deal of time playing with each other and sometimes they have occasional sister disagreements over a toy or my attention. They do bring much laughter and joy.

** Update 10/21/12 **
Hi Tami,
Lola and Lexi are doing great! I must send you an updated picture sometime. Hope you are doing well. Take care.
Mary Beth