Lady1103 Adopted 1

Lady has been adopted by Melissa Hall and family of Pennsylvania! Here is a picture of Lady and her new Daddy.
The following is the story of how Lady found her new home, told from her new momma...
I subscribe to an email list that sends me notifications when any Papillons are available for adoption within 250 miles of Pittsburgh. There aren't really very many. I read about how Lady lost her home when her human became ill. This was so sad - I showed it to my partner and he was interested in meeting her too.
After talking with Lady's foster mom, MaryLou, Snowy and I drove out to Dayton to meet Lady. Snowy is our puppy mill rescue Pappillon. I wasn't sure if she would like to have a friend or not. She wasn't sure at first either. But Lady was very easy going and easy to get along with. She is a good balance for Snowy, who is very shy around strangers and gets scared easily. Lady loves to meet new people and is totally outgoing.

Lady1103 Adopted 3

At first we had some difficulties -- Lady made it clear that she did not approve of Sam & Rocky, our cats. She still doesn't approve of them, to be honest. But, they have agreed to stay in separate territories. We are still working on helping Lady be more tolerant of them.
We also realized within a few days that Lady is very, very hard of hearing. She's not totally deaf, but close. We knew right away that Lady needed her teeth cleaned - her vet records showed that they had never been cleaned in her life, and she is 14! When we took her to the vet for a pre-dental exam, he diagnosed her with heart disease. She had a lot of tests and now takes medication for her heart condition. This doesn't stop her from hopping around the yard like a bunny, or running up the stairs faster than me! The vet also said that Lady needed to gain weight. But, we couldn't get her to eat more food. Finally I started cooking for her and she loves her homemade diet. She has now gained 1 lb. She was cleared for her dental cleaning and had 8 teeth removed! But she is recovering well and should be kicking for many years to come.

Lady1103 Adopted 2

We love our little Ladybug!

** Updates 08/03/11 **
Hi MaryLou! Ladybug sends you a hug & kiss!
We bought a house and have moved! Snowy and Ladybug now have their very own fenced in yard, which they are enjoying very much. Ladybug's heart condition is being well controlled by a cocktail of 5 daily medications. She is seeing the cardiologist regularly to monitor her condition.
I hope that you and your pups are all doing well! Melissa

** Updates 01/17/12 **
Hi MaryLou, How are you and how are things going at Puppy Pals?
Ladybug is doing great. We were thinking of you, as yesterday was Lady's one year anniversary with us. It was on MLK day last year that Snowy and I came to meet her.
Unfortuntely, we had a recent tragedy and lost our Snowy. She had emergency surgery for bladder stones, but wasn't doing well the next day. I took her back to the ER and they did another emergency surgery, but she was throwing blood clots and didn't make it. It is a devastating loss. Snowy spent 7 years in a puppy mill, and when we adopted her she needed a lot of rehab. It's so unfair that she only had 2 years with us. I am heartbroken. She was my little girl and I miss her so much.

** Updates 08/03/12 **
Hi MaryLou!
How are you? I just wanted to say hi and let you know that LadyBug is doing great! She had her checkup with the cardiologist on Tuesday and passed with flying colors. Her heart has not enlarged any further! All of her meds are staying the same, which is great. The cardiologist said that LadyBug has really exceeded her expectation based on the severity of her heart condition. LadyBug sends you kisses!
I have attached 2 pics for you - one of them is LadyBug sleeping on my shoes, and the other is LadyBug at a fois gras protest with me.
Love, Melissa and Ladybug