Lady Adopted

Here is picture of Lady with her new family Diane and Jim Keffer, of Ironton, OH.
We have had her 11 days now, and she seems to be doing great........follows me everywhere in the house, gets along fine with Bigdog, our 20 lb. terrier, eats great now. I owe lots of credit to Alicia, who helped me over the phone. Thanks, Alicia. Lady still is a bit timid with Jim, so we are taking it easy and slow. Going great!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for a beautiful little girl. Must learn now how to email pictures, which i know is relatively easy, but since i have never done it, i must take the time to learn. thanks again,
Diane and Jim Keffer
** Update 04/09/10 **
Just to let you know that Lady is definetly our LITTLE PALEY-WALEY now. She has warmed up to Jim, comes when we call for her, goes to bed anytime we head in that direction, stops barking when I say shush, and is all around a good little girl. She is our baby. Thanks Again, Jim and Diane Keffer.