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Good Morning,
Kramer is doing great Laura. We played ball all day - he brought it back to me every time. When I would love him and tell him good boy, he kissed me!! I took him out regularly and he never pottied in the house. He has a new friend next door, a 10 yr old mix rescue dog and her name is Star. He was so excited to play with her. After living with your Gracie, how could him be scared of taller dogs?! He was scared at first, but warmed up pretty well. He is not eating food yet, but likes treats of course. I am sure he will be fine. The best story is... we took him bye bye later in the day. He did not want to get in the car. When we got home he was excited that he was back at home!! I love him too much all ready. He slept next to me all night and protected me from my poor nephew. Hee Hee. Thanks for all you do and he will be fine. I will send you pictures soon.
Michelle Hancock

** Updates 10/11/11 **
Kramer smiling for the camera! He is so happy in his new forever home!

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