Josephine Adopted 2

Hi Everyone, We had another adoption .... it was our sweet Josie girl. What a sweetheart she turned out to be. Thank goodness PPR was able to save her life - it would have been a shame for her to not have a wonderful spoiled life which she'll have now!
Pictured here is Josie with her new fursister - Sophie (10 yr. old Bichon). Her new parents are Debbie and Michael Galarde.
What makes this adoption so very special is that Sophie has/had the same medical issues as Josie. So, they will be able to feed both dogs the same food and not have to worry - which was a big problem here.
We wish Josie many happy years in her new home -- we miss her so! Linda and Russ

** Updates 04/10/11 **
Hi. We are crazy about Josie.....I wish we could say that our Sophie shares our enthusiasm. Josie is the boss and mostly Sophie tries to stay out of her way. Josie continues to try to make friends, but Sophie remains aloof. We are still hopeful that Sophie will come around. Rome wasn't built in a day. Debbie