Jade1262 Adopted 1

Jade has a new home in Delaware, Ohio. Her new momma is Becky Gerhart. Jade will be joined by one of her prior pups - her daughter's name is Chloe. What a match made in heaven in so many ways.
Becky promised to send pics of momma Jade with Chloe.

** Updates 01/26/13**

Jade1262 Adopted 2

Jade is doing well. She plays well with daughter Chloe and uses pee pads very well. Her first visit to the vet revealed dental issues and infection in her gums so we're scheduled for surgery next week. Doc says she is in lots of pain. Started warming and softening her food and she is eating well. Not really surprised with dental issues after meeting other dogs from her previous home (before PPR). I am so happy with her and so thankful for folks like you. Once I get her bills paid I will do the best I can to donate some money to the dogs you are caring for.
Becky, happy dog mommy.

** Updates 02/04/13**
This is Jade. She had to have 4 teeth surgically removed and is doing well now. She and Chloe get along very well. I am happy to have her as part of the family. She uses the potty pads and is very affectionate. Chloe and her have many similarities in behavior and temperament. A match made in heaven! Today would have been my husband's 58th birthday so it was tough, but I had my two Yorkie girls to love me through it. Thank you 100 times over for all that you do for these sweet little creatures.
Warmly, Becky

** Updates 04/17/13**
I wanted to update you on Jade. I've had her since mid January now. She was the one that was reunited with one of her pups. She is the nicest dog. I've been working with her since I got her to have her walk outside, but have had to carry her on each and every walk. She was so afraid of the leash. Each time I put her on the ground, even on a nice day, she hunkered down and cried. Well. . . yesterday she timidly took a few steps and then made it the length of my sidewalk. Today she walked almost all the way around the block. Her confidence is growing and she is a welcome addition to my life.
Physically she has gained weight and her dental surgery went well. She sleeps in bed with me and Chloe and helps to fill the void in my life left by my late husband.
Thank you so much for all that you do for these little creatures. There is a special place in Heaven for folks like you.
Warmest Regards, Becky Gerhart