Buddy (formerly Jackson)
Jackson has gone to his forever home with Sandra Douglass and Gail Moser in northern Columbus.
He has 3 fursisters, a Greyhound, a Chi mix, and a Boston Terrier. He had a great time greeting them and running with them in his new yard.
He also has many fur-kitties that got his attention, but he'll soon learn that they are to be admired as they are show cats... Colorpoint Shorthairs.
His new mom promised to send pictures so we will post them as soon as she sends them.
** Update 06/23/09 **
Thought I would email you all to let you know that Jackson (or Buddy, as he seems to want to be called) is doing fine. He is super friendly, he's gone to the Farmer's Market with us and everyone loved him.
He seems to be afraid to ride in a car, though, so we are working on this. Every once in a while he forgets he's inside and potties inappropriately, but we are also working on that. He's doing better with the cats, although he still wants to chase them sometimes, he isn't quite as bad as before.
I love him dearly,
Check back for updates!!