I'm sorry I don't remember your friend's name, but I thought you and she would like to hear how Jack is doing.
He got his first grooming from me last week, and did pretty well. He doesn't like the noise of the clippers, so I just used the scissors. He's lookin' good! I've lost 4 pounds since I've had someone who so loves to take walks. My doctor is pleased with that.
But Jack still misses his playtime friends. There's a little cockapoo across the street whose owner hasn't really socialized him well. Jack would so love to have him come out and play but that hasn't happened yet.
My friend Jackie, who was with me when we came to see you, has a parakeet, and when we visit there, Jack wants him to play too. He obviously remembers your birds. You did a good job of introducing him to various play options.
The Vet we go to said I got a good poodle in Jack, and so his records are established there now and his heartworm med is current. I'm making a booster seat for him for the car; he really loves to ride and see all the sights.
By the way, he sits now for treats without being asked (but sometimes I have to hesitate a little until he remembers to sit). I couldn't get him into the current obedience class, they were already full, so we'll get into the next one.
Jack and I send you our love and good wishes,

Kay Bulson
Check back for updates!!