Jack Adopted 1

I will sent more pics, here is one with our son, Richie. Jack is wonderful and just such a happy puppy. Hippie just lets jack do his thing and Lexie is still warming up to him, but she is curious.
Amanda was very sweet and informative, a very nice lady.
Jack is so funny, he makes himself at home, goes nuts and plays, eats... he shoves his whole head in the bowl. I love the butterfly kisses he gives, Hippie does that too.
thank you again,
** Update 01/30/09 **

Jack Adopted 2

Hi Linda,
I am sending this little note to you in reference to the adoption of Jack to Rich Kempa.
I would actually be grandma to Jack! He is just a wonderful little puppy, he had brought the whole family so much joy, we all enjoy him.
He and Lexie (other dog) play all the time, they get along just great!!
Rich is so happy with him and I just want you to know that he could not have gone to a better home, he is very happy and very much loved.
Thanks again for choosing our family for Jack.
Valerie Kempa