Isabel Adopted 1

Isabel went to her new home with the Leslie family including 3 girls who were already arguing about whose turn it was to hold or walk Isabel. Isabel kissed all of them and was as excited as they were.
It is much more quiet without our little weiner dog. Amazing how different it can be at the house with only one missing little 10 lb. dog. We enjoyed her so much and such a good time with her.
Pat O.

Isabel Adopted 2

** Update 04/09/09 **

Isabel Adopted 3

Dear Puppypals,
It's me... Isabel. I've been with my new family for almost two weeks, and life is great!
I don't want to brag, but Mom says I'm the best dog in the world. Cute, funny, smart, cuddly, lovable, playful... the list goes on. Mom also thinks I might be part kangaroo, since I have about a three-foot vertical jump!
My half-brother, Buddy the Cat, likes me as much as a cat can like anyone. He shares his window perch with me, and gives me nose kisses periodically. He's okay for a feline.

Isabel Adopted 4

The best part of my new home are my three sisters. They give me lots of treats, play chase, rub my belly, scratch my ears, let me kiss them until my tongue is dried out... it's really a dream come true!
My Grandma and Grandpa have a wiener dog that looks a lot like me. Her name is Belle, and we are big buddies. Sometimes Mom takes me over to play with her, and we have a blast!
So, Puppypals, I just wanted to say thanks for saving me, and taking care of me until I found my perfect home. And to all of you looking to rescue a dog... you won't find one as great as me, but I'm sure there are some great little pups waiting for their forever home!
Puppy Kisses,

Isabel Adopted 5

** Update 07/05/09 **

Isabel Adopted 6

Dear Puppy Pals,
Me again... Isabel Leslie. I wanted to send some pictures of me at my birthday party! Yes... I just turned three years old. Mom said that since we didn't know my real birthday, the 4th of July would be perfect. First, Mom and my sisters bought special ingredients for a doggie birthday cake... peanut butter, honey, and carrots. Mom even let me lick the spoon after she was done mixing it up... yum!
The whole house smelled like peanut butter, and I could barely wait to eat it. But, we had to wait until it cooled off so Mom could ice the cupcakes with cottage cheese. It was finally time to party, so after a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday", me and my buddy, Belle, chowed down. It was delicious!

Isabel Adopted 7

Then, it was time for presents. I got a big bag of rawhide chips, a new toy, and some Frosty Paws. I even got to see fireworks that night... my sisters said they were just for me!!
I hope all my friends at Puppy Pals are doing well. I'm very happy and healthy. Life is great!!
Puppy Kisses,

Isabel Adopted 8