Ike1186 Adopted 1

Just wanted to let you know that IKE has been given the best Christmas gift this year... he has found his forever home with Mark, Shannon & Peyton of Wilmington Ohio.

Ike1186 Adopted 2

I received a phone message from Shannon letting me know that IKE is the BEST dog ever!! He has already met his new groomer and has a vet appointment next week and is has already met some of the family and went for a couple of car rides today. Ike has a beautiful big fenced in backyard to play and run around in! Shannon promises to keep sending update on him... I will certainly miss IKE but I am so glad that Santa gave him this new family.

Ike1186 Adopted 3

Peyton(the little girl) has no idea that Ike will be there waiting for her on Christmas day... it's a Christmas surprise!

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** Updates 12/26/11 **
Hi Tami,
Just wanted to let you know that Ike has been a dream. He spent the day with us yesterday at my sisters and was such a good boy. He has gone two days without pottying in the house. He does really well sleeping and he and Peytie have become great friends.

Ike1186 Adopted 5

He lays down while we are eating and while we are riding in the car. He really is the best Christmas present ever.
Thank you again, Shannon

** Updates 12/29/11 **

Ike1186 Adopted 7`

Ike's first day on the job with Mark... he was the boss! :)

** Updates 01/01/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 6

Happy New Years Tami!
Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Mr. Ike has learned to sit and loves to get his carrots as a reward.
This week Peytie went shopping for a new sweater for Ike as he is going to be the ring bearer in our wedding on the 7th. Ike and Peytie have become great friends.
Thank you again for allowing Ike to be a part of our family - Shannon.

** Updates 01/19/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 8

Ike's first hair cut.

** Updates 02/12/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 9

Ikey was thirsty! LOL!

** Updates 03/25/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 10

IKEY loves the warmer weather. :)
We are taking him on vacation with us!

** Updates 04/02/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 11

Ike1186 Adopted 12

Ikey got a mohawk today at the groomers! :)

** Updates 04/14/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 13

Ikey on vacation!

** Updates 06/17/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 14

Ikey has taken over our bed!

** Updates 06/22/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 15

Ikey is exhausted... we are driving to Florida!

** Updates 08/10/12 **

Ikey got skunked today...he's exhausted! lol

Ike1186 Adopted 16

Ike1186 Adopted 17

He is such a baby! Love love love him! We can't thank you enough! He has brought us so much joy!
Shannon, Mark & Peyton!

** Updates 08/16/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 18

Ikey waiting for a taste of Peytie's ice cream?

** Updates 10/05/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 19

Ikey loves his girl!

** Updates 10/07/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 20

Ikey's first Halloween with us!

** Updates 10/26/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 21

Ikey's second birthday!

** Updates 11/28/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 22

Ikey waiting for Santa!

** Updates 12/06/12 **

Ike1186 Adopted 23

Ikey's sign of shame!

** Updates 01/14/13**

Ike1186 Adopted 24

Ikey in disguise!

** Updates 02/23/13**

Ike1186 Adopted 25

Sleepy pup!

** Updates 06/09/13**

Ike1186 Adopted 26

Playing in the yard!

** Updates 07/25/13**

Ike1186 Adopted 27

I'm going on vacation!

** Updates 09/23/13**

Ike1186 Adopted 28

Ikey got a new brother. His name is Jaxon!

** Updates 05/29/14**

Ike1186 Adopted 29

Ikey and his brother, Jaxon!

Ike1186 Adopted 30

Ike1186 Adopted 31

** Updates 12/31/14**
Happy New Year from Ike (and new friend!)

Ike1186 Adopted 32