Polly (formerly Holly)

Holly Adopted 1

Hi Tami,
Well she is my baby already and I love her lots. It was a little slow at first, but by 11 o'clock she had inspected every inch of the place and had a carrot. She went to potty outside in her yard and she didn't want to come in.
She slept in bed with me and she was a lover and bed hog. She couldn't get close enough to me, so she had a good night sleep, but I did not and that's okay.

Holly Adopted 2

She found the toy basket this morning and she took nine toys out and had a good time playing.
I have taken lots of pictures of her and will send you some when I put them on the computer.

Holly Adopted 3

Thanks for showing her that someone could love her and now there is two of us.
I'll keep in touch. Love Pat and Holly

Holly Adopted 4

Hi Tami,
Hope all enjoy these pictures of my precious little baby. I got more of her butt then I did of her face, as she is so quick.
Her name is officially PollyAnna, Polly for short. When I call her I start to say Puppet and end up with Holly and it comes out Polly and she answers to it so that's her name and after all she been through she is a heroine.

Holly Adopted 5

She went in to two pet stores today and got her dog food and a new toy, she was so good.
Tami thanks again, she is more than I hoped for.
Love Pat

Holly Adopted 6

** Update 07/24/09 **

Holly Adopted 7

Hi Tami,
Well you can see Polly has a hard life, ha ha, she is just a little spoiled but so sweet.

Holly Adopted 8

We are doing great and still no accidents on the floor. Dr Bruinsma said she was perfect and Tami her incision is fine.

Holly Adopted 9

Her birthday is officially January 8th 2008 and I couldn't believe Dr Bruinsma wrote that on her chart, Tami that was my husbands birthday and now I know he sent her to me, as he has our Puppet with him.

Holly Adopted 10

Tami I'll get someone to take some pictures of Polly and me for you. Talk to you all soon.
Love Pat and Polly

Holly Adopted 11

** Update 08/03/09 **

Holly Adopted 12

Hi Tami,
Here are four pictures of the two of us, she doesn't like her picture taken yet, but I'll have her posing before long.

Holly Adopted 13

She is still my little doll baby and with me I'd say she feels safe.

Holly Adopted 14

Pat & Polly

Holly Adopted 15

** Update 03/22/10 **
Hi Tami,
She is such a good girl and she means so much to me and I still can't thank you enough for letting me have her.

Holly Adopted 16

Holly Adopted 17

Holly Adopted 18

Holly Adopted 19

Pat and Polly XXOO

** Update 07/10/10 **
Hi Tami, Polly and I celebrated our first anniversary together on the 8th. I'm so thankful you let me have her and I love her so much, she is the light of my life. Enjoy the pictures, I had to bath her three times to get the mud off and hope that don't happen again. Bye for now,

Holly Adopted 20

Holly Adopted 21

Holly Adopted 22

Holly Adopted 23

Pat and Polly

** Updates 01/25/11 **
Hi Tami, hope your family is well and keeping warm. Sorry I haven't kept in touch but I had my whole house painted inside and both my bathrooms remodeled. Every thing is new but the tubs, even the floor and baseboards. My little girl is doing great and just had her 3rd given birthday. She is for sure the chief in our home. Tell your Mom hi for us, talk with you soon Pat and Polly

Holly HT 1

Holly HT 2

Holly HT 3

Holly HT 4

Holly HT 5

** Updates 07/21/11 **
Hi Tami, hope all is well at your house and the summer brings you some rest and relaxing time. Well, Polly and I have just enjoyed our second anniversary together and she has made much progress this year. She now has made friends with eight humans and her new friend Pipper. I can't imagine my life without her, as she is such a joy to have around. How are all your pets? and little Bert? Thanks again for picking me to adopt her......Your friends, Pat and Polly. Tell your Mom Hi for me.

Holly HT 6

Holly HT 7

Holly HT 8

Holly HT 9

Holly HT 10

Holly HT 11

** Updates 06/26/12 **
Hi Tami. I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch, but things have not been too good with me this winter and I’m thankful I am starting to feel better now. Polly has been an angel through it all and all she wanted was to be close to her mommy. She really helped me get well and keep moving. Several friends wanted to take her home and care for her and I said "no thanks." Our third anniversary is coming up and since there is nothing she needs, I want to send a donation to Puppy Pals in her name. Please tell me what to do. I can never thank you enough for my Polly - I can not express how much she means to me!
Your friends....... Pat and Polly

** Updates 12/10/12 **
Hi Tami, well we are almost in 2013 and all is well with Polly and I and we hope this finds your family the same. Polly has really done well this year, she has made several new friends and we even went to PA for a week to see my grandson and his family. She was fascinated with Alex and Taylor my great granddaughters. I think the pictures have covered most of the holidays this year. Dani was the young lady holding Polly, she visited us for a week and lives in Portland, OR. Another granddaughter, Lori, also was here for a week from FL. earlier this year.
Will close for now, as always your friend..... Pat and Polly

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Holly Adopted 44

** Updates 12/27/14 **
Hello Tami, Hope your family is well and how is little Bert? Polly is wonderful and still amazing me every day. She has had a lot of company this year and made friends with all. She even did well with my son-in-law who moved in with her while I was in the hospital. At 86 years old I had emergency surgery on Oct. 9th. My daughter Patty moved in and took care of Polly and I for 2 months. I’m getting stronger every day with Polly’s help of needing me...
Pat and Polly

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