Holly Merry Adopted 1

Just wanted to let everyone know that our girls Merry and Holly were both adopted today to the same furever home. They both now live in Cincinnati, Ohio with Carol Wissman and her rescue dog Angie! Carol is truly a dog lover and I know that Merry & Holly will be forever loved and spoiled at their new home.

Holly Merry Adopted 2

Thank you so much Carol for opening your heart and home to both of these sweet little girls who now, because of you, will have a loving, warm and safe place to call home!

Holly Merry Adopted 3

Check back for updates! Tami

** Updates 01/30/11 **
I wanted to let you know that Merry and Holly had a peaceful evening. All three dogs slept on the couch, curled around each other. They are beginning to feel comfortable with me - especially when I have a treat in my hand! Thank you for the photos, and I will take care of your beautiful babies. Carol

** Updates 02/03/11 **
The "girls" are doing well. They are now sleeping in the bed with me. Thank you so much for taking care of these two beautiful creatures and letting them be adopted by me. The make me smile all the time. Merry is coming along, but Holly keeps trying to take her treat from her! Carol

** Updates 05/05/11 **
Hi Tami. The "girls" are getting fat. Sorry, but they are so cute and when they go outside (still not house broken) I have to reward them with a treat. The neighborhood just thinks they are the cutest things - people stop to pet them all the time. Merry is still afraid - it is going to take a long time for her to trust a human. I took them to the groomer last Saturday, and it was so sad to see them in the cage and they would not come out for the groomer. They were huddled in the back until I went in to get them out. I don't want to even think about what those two went through.
But, it will soon be summer and they can be out in the back yard with me running around. Hopefully, this will help Merry be a little more outgoing. Holly is the boss, Angie and Merry answer to her. :)
I hope everything is going well with you and the new dogs that you are caring for. Take care.