Hershey1159 Adopted 1

Hershey has been adopted by Karen Ford-Denney of Middletown, Ohio!! Looks like he's going to be a very loved pup!!!

Hershey1159 Adopted 2

** Updates 5/13/12**
Well, where do I start? I have had Hershey for about 7 months and I love him to death. He is my best friend and also he thinks he is my baby (which he is). He is soooo happy here. He has a huge backyard that has bunnys, squirrels and also birds to chase around. My grandpa and I spoil him. Hershey tries to play with the cat but the cat hates it, and she will attack him but he doesn't care. He loves his walks and also loves to ride in the car. I never knew a dog that loves to ride in cars. But now I know one. He acts like a little monkey. When I got him I didn't think he would be so playful and affectionate. If you start playing with him you better be ready to play with him for a couple of hours. Well, that's all for now but there will be way, way, way more to come :)
Olivia (aka Hershey's mom) and Hershey :)