Duffy (formerly Hercules)

Hercules Adopted 1

Hercules, who now answers to Duffy, is doing very well. Appetite is increasing. No conflicts with Quigley or Emmet, although Emmet has quietly let him know whose place is whose on the couch and in bed.
By the way, Duffy is an Irish surname which derives from a word for black. The surname is common in the part of County Monaghan where my mother is from.
All three boys went to the vet's office today to be weighed and have some "happy time". We also went to Pet People for a name tag, to my office to meet lots of people, and to recycling drop-off. We also strolled around the neighborhood to meet more people. Duffy even accepted treats from one of the neighbors.
I think tomorrow we will take it easy. But thank you for inviting us to the 2nd Birthday Party!
Here are photos of Duffy, Quigley and Emmet.

Hercules Adopted 2