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Herbie's new momma is Rozalyn Evans!

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** Updates 06/20/12**
Herbie has adapted VERY quickly, and has met three new doggie pals here on Ironwood and Basswood Drives. He and his big brother, Saxon, are great pals now -- they actually play well together!!! It's been so humid and hot out we are either enjoying the air conditioner inside the house or in the Camry. I plan to bring him back to your home for a reunion visit, but will certainly call you before deciding to do so. I know Herbie would absolutely love that!!!
Kind Regards, Roz & Herbie

** Updates 12/02/12**
I have been wanting to send you a photo of your little buddy, Herbie Looney. He and I have been very busy these past several months!!! Herbie has settled in very nicely and loves to be pampered by his favorite doggie barber at PetSmart!!!! I hope all the other sweet and wonderful doggies are doing well - and hope they have found moms and dads as well. Herbie has been such a blessing to our family and he just has a special personality (as you know) and stole our hearts quickly. I hope you can see this pic of him right after his grooming yesterday. I will send 1 more pic closer to Christmas.
Again, thank you for believing in me (us) as a good match for Herbie, aka Herbert!!!!
Hope all is well and God Bless, Roz Evans-Looney

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