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Hi, all! Just wanted to let you know that our sweet little Foxy got adopted by Janet Kremer of Fairborn, Ohio.
Janet is a wonderful lady and I know she will give Foxy a spoiled and pampered life. Janet has a rescue cat Lucy and an Eclectus parrot named Zena that will now be Foxy's fursiblings. Janet's grandson Lennon was there when I took Foxy over and he was so gentle and sweet with her... He said "that Foxy was the sweetest dog he ever met."
Janet promises to keep me update on Foxy and to send pictures. She lives across the street from the park where we do the Sweet Corn festival in Fairborn, so maybe Janet will bring Foxy up for a visit and to say Hi...
More updates later. Thanks, Tami

** Updates 03/24/11 **
Foxy is doing fine we are walking all the time! Will send more photos later....

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** Updates 04/12/12 **
Hi Tami, what can I say about Foxy? If I had to sum it up to just one word - it would be delightful! She is so full of joy all the time and excited about the smallest little things.
Just had her annual check up and shots this past week and the vet Dr. says she looks great - weighing in at 6 lbs, which is a good weight for her.
I will celebrate my 2 yr. kidney transplant on May 11th. Foxy and I go walking every day, weather permittimg, and I have lost 22 lbs. since I now have a walking partner! Foxy loves to go for rides in the car when I run errands around town. She knows my routine and is always ready to go for a new adventure!
Foxy has a rescue playmate two doors down, a mid-size black poodle-mix whose name is BoBo. They look so funny together playing -when she hears Bo outside she goes crazy to go out too!
I would love to bring Foxy to see you at the Corn festival, we also enjoy walking over at the park too!
Thanks and great to hear from you, Jan & Foxy

** Updates 08/04/12 **
Here are some current Foxy photos, she is doing GREAT and has brought such joy to my life! She is spoiled rotten and that is a good thing too........... see you at the Sweet Corn festival soon.

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