Harley1226 Adopted 1

Linda, Thank you so much for driving all the way to Maryland to bring little Harley to me. He is a sweet little fellow who needs one on one time which you all know I have now. He doesn't mind my cats either. They could care less about him being here. I doubt he will mess with them. They are bigger and have nails if he gets out of line. Oodle is always inviting to new things and pups. Lexie is a little jealous, I think. But... I will just have to cuddle her a little more. She will always be my little princess!
It is nice to have a young soul in the house with all these seniors. He loves the yard and likes to gaze out the sliding door. He did try to nip and bark at Oodle when he wanted on the bed, but I corrected him right away. I am top dog in my house as you know. He was just testing the limits. He is a very smart little fellow and is not whining except if he wants to get into the bed - which I found out he can get into all by himself if I ignore him when he whines and barks to get up. He is very inquisitive and smart. I just have to work with him on his anxiety. We are going to work on potty training. He will pee outside but wants to poop in the house. Weird. He looks adorable with his new haircut which is very short. He got hysterical as with you at the groomers and had to have a cone put on him so they could handle him. He barks at my friends, but warms up very quickly especially if treats are involved. As the rest of them, he is right there if you are cooking. They all like people food even if their dog bowls are overflowing. Harley is an OCD dog for sure and he can be a bit nippy but I will work on that.
I can't thank you, Russ and Puppy Pals enough for taking in this crazy little dog!