Gunther (formerly Hans)

Gunther had a good night... at least Don said that he did (I was at the hospital most of the night with my Mom).
He slept in his bed and we have had no accidents!! He and the cats are still adjusting... You were right... he is a sweetie!!

Sorry it has take so long for me to get back to you. Gunther has settled in nicely. He is just about a perfect dog!! It is hard for us to imagine Gunther not being a part of our lives. He has especially bonded with Don and they are great buddies.
He sleeps in his cuddle bed right next to us... he does like to sleep in and is not always ready to get up when we are!! I walk him in the morning and Don walks him at night!! He has gotten pretty spoiled!! He loves to snuggle and play with his doggy cousins!!
Thank you so much for helping to make Gunther a special part of our family!!
Don and Carolyn Putnam