Gus Adopted 1

Pictured here is Gus with his new momma, Merry (dad, John not pictured) the Norris family of Worthington, Ohio. Gus is enjoying the life of leisure with his new family. He's getting lot of exercise by chasing rabbits, squirrels or anything else that moves in his nice fenced in backyard. He's doing great and is very happy which is what we want to hear. Gus seems to love his new family and they are totally in love with him.
** Update 10/04/10 **
Gus is doing great and adjusting more evevery day. Still an accident now and then but overall he is a wonderful dog aand a joy to have around. As you know, loves to play and chase things and we take walks every day. he is an extremely lovable dogand we feel really lucky to have him.
Regards and many thanks. John & Merry Norris
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