Grace Adopted 1

I am happy to say that Grace has been adopted to Debbie and Brown Turner of Hamilton Ohio.. She has a big back yard to run in with her new fur brother Buddy! I have no doubt that Grace will be one spoiled little girl.. she was a joy to foster and she will be missed.. yes, especially by Bert.

Hello Tami,
Just to let you know, Grace is doing great. She & Buddy are playing, running around chasing each other.

Grace Adopted 2

When one goes out the other goes. She curled up beside me last night & I don't think she moved all night.

Grace Adopted 3

She ate her food then later went over & ate Buddy's. This evening when I get home I am taking them for a walk.

Grace Adopted 4

She has made herself right at home. I will keep you updated!

Hello, Tami
Thanks for the pictures. She seems to be adapting well. She is a sweetheart, and she loves the backyard. I didn't get to take her on the walk like I wanted to last evening since I had so much to do but I will be leaving early today so she will get her walk.. She will also get to meet 2 of the grandchildren this evening.

** Update 05/07/10 **
Just a note to update you on Grace. She has fit right in with our schedule and is right at home. The dogs are home for 45 minutes or so in the morning after I leave for work until Brown gets back from work.They both are curled up on the sofa when I leave & she doesn't seem to mind at all. Buddy is ready for a nap at that point & I am sure Grace is, also. My grandchildren love her. The 8 yr old girl comes over just to see Grace. She walks her & hugs her & carries her around. Grace loves the attention. I am anxious to see who she sleeps with when the girls come to stay the weekend.

** Update 12/08/11 **
I wanted to tell you what a joy Grace is. I did have to change her name because my grandaughter is Marin Grace. I saw the name Lucy on her papers & she responded to it so that is what we call her. I already had Buddy the cocker and then I got another Shih Tzu, she was a baby. Lucy's whole personality changed, she was good & seemed well adjusted but getting the puppy was the best thing. They run and play and wrestle around all the time. Lucy is actually quite feisty.
Thanks for Lucy (Grace)!
Debbie Turner