Gizzy1066 Adopted 1

Gizzy has been adopted to Susan & Scott Merryman who live in Columbus, Ohio.

Gizzy1066 Adopted 2

** Update 09/21/10 **
I received the following note on a postcard from Natalie Merryman. She's the nine year old girl that is now Gizzy's new best friend.
Dear Mr. Russ
We love Izzy ! He is so funny! He loves other dogs, especially these dogs named Cappy (shih tzu) and Julsie (pug). He loves to be picked up, and it's easy. Right now he will only eat moist food, but that will probably change. He also eats milk bones. I love to sleep with him and cuddle. Thanks again !
From, Natalie
** Update 09/21/10 **
Natalie, Izzy and the rest of our family continue to adjust quite well. (Emma the cat needs a little extra time but is coming around). We had a good visit with the vet. She did find some pigmentation on Izzy's eye which can result in a loss of vision over time, and prescribed eye drops. We're working on that. Izzy and Natalie are also enrolled in obedience school. Izzy is probably the most "obedient" dog we've met but I thought it would be helpful for both of them to learn some basics together. The rest of the family is also loving Izzy... from my in-laws who live in the neighborhood to my dad who visited from Athens last night and took Izzy for a long walk... and finally the college junior who came home to meet "the dog. "Izzy is such as a loving dog. He is completely attached to Natalie and friendly with everyone else. To watch them sleep at night is absolutely precious.
Thanks again for rescuing Gizzy/Izzy. He is such a joy.