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Today... Gizmo has found his forever home with Jo and Jim Corwin of Tipp City, Ohio. Gizmo's new name will be Tipper(for Tipp City) and he will have a big sister,Harley,to share his new home with. I have no doubt that Tipper will be one spoiled little pupster!
Thanks to Jo and Jim for opening their hearts and home to a rescue dog in need of a forever home! Below is already an update from Jo on how Tipper is doing at his new home!

**Updates 8/12/12**

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Hi Tami, so nice to see you again and to meet your mother. I sent you a picture of Gizmo from my cell to your e-mail address; let me know if you received it. I didn't have your cell, so couldn't send it there. Was hoping to surprise you!
All's going well here....he had another small poop, was outside for a while and is now napping on the 2 pillows that were near where you were sitting when you where here. Those are for the pups as well as a single one right next to the computer. Tyler used to lay there or would be under the armoire and Harley on the other side of the wall when we're on the computer.

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Forgot to ask you, how much food do you give him at each setting? Oh, and wanted to ask about the PPR bandana that he was wearing in one of the pictures (the last one before he signs off). How can I get a couple? Would love to advertise for you guys! I'll tell everyone of course, but pictures say a thousand words!
I'll be in touch to update you... I know how attached you were to this little guy, but we'll give him the best of care and Harley will watch over him too! I wasn't sure that you'd give him up, but we're so glad that you did... he's certainly brightened our lives. Can't wait for everyone to meet him, but we'll give him time to adjust here with us for a few days.
Hugs to you and to your mom also! Jo

** Updates 08/20/12**

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Tipper in the sunroom!

Hi Tami, have thought of you several times last week and wanted to drop a line, but Tipper has kept me busy. He's taken over Jim's recliner and has made himself quite at home. He and Harley are doing well; Har sleeps right by Tipper's crate at night. He's such a delight and everyone who sees him on his daily walks, just loves him and says how cute he is............. but then we knew that didn't we!
The family was over last night for dinner and he won their hearts over immediately!! Brenna, our 9yr old, made a sign for his bed. She was the only one to see him earlier last week and it was love at first sight. She immediately called her mom to tell her all about him and we had to send a picture to show her. Bren went to the vet with us and listened to his heart (both lungs and heart are very good). He's just about her size for a dog, as she's little. At first when she walked in, she thought of Tyler, but saw that it wasn't him.
Eye drops are still a pain...... he can be sleeping and still sense when that dropper's about to plunge...... amazing isn't it. :) Thought that I had a schedule of time to do them worked out on Thurs/Fri, but the little devil made me see otherwise. We'll continue to work on that. Is such a shame that someone let this condition get so out of hand and never he was never treated for it.
Well, enough rambling.................. he's such a joy and I'm so glad that we have him!! He's certainly brighted my days and Jim's thinking of fully retiring to be able to spend more time with the pups and girls. I'm so thankful that we met and you allowed us to bring this little guy into our home. He'll be well taken care of!!!!
Hugs to you and your mom and thanks so much for all that you do for these pups............. they're all so deserving of that and more, Jo

** Updates 08/26/12**
Hi Tami, hoping you're keeping cool with this hot weather that's moved in again..... ugh!!!!!!
No worries on anything! Tipper's doing fantastic!! We've worked pretty steadily on potty training this week and he's doing great. He and I take a couple of walks during the day and he's checking things out. As we return, he speeds up and knows where his home is. :) As I mentioned earlier, he's taken over Jim's recliner, but Jim doesn't mind that at all. I am ready for the cooler, Fall weather when we can spend more time outside...... he does seem to like to be out during the day. He is constantly in our sunroom, when he's not busy following me around! Jim lets him and Harley out to potty when he gets up around 6:00 and then Tipper flys back in the bedroom, up the steps and snuggles down with me for about an hour more.
Will let you know how his follow-up vet check goes; everyone's anxious to see him again.
Have a great weekend!!! Do you ever do any of the special events coming up in the Fall? We thought about bringing him out to see you.................hugs, Jo

** Updates 08/27/12**
Good news on our little guy............. ears completely clear, dermatitis doing so much better, and some of the cloudiness of the eyes is dissipating!!!! We go back in 2 months to do a re-check on the eyes. The vet said to keep doing what we're doing and he says he feels Tipper should be able to see well.... Isn't that wonderful! :) He was very pleased with how much he's improved in these past 2 weeks.
We have to go early for our appointment so that everyone can ooohh and aaaahh over him............. they really love him and think he's soooooooooooooo cute! He has gained a few ounces also, that's good to hear.
We go to some of the festivals you listed, so hopefully we'll see you there. Would love to see some of the craft items and make a purchase (I've checked the website, but I guess that function's not available right now). I take the opportunity every time I can to tell people about the Puppy Pal Rescue and how great you've been. I'm so thankful you rescued him from the shelter and started him back on the road to recovery............. that has to make you feel so good to know that you've helped get a pet back in a good situation.
Keep in touch and please tell your mother 'hello'...... will keep you updated on Tipper. Have a nice Labor Day weekend!
Hugs, Jo

** Updates 10/16/12**
Hi Tami,
Was just thinking of you the other day, so amazing that your e-mail came. We are all doing fine and Tipper and Harley are doing very well together. They seem to compliment each other which is good. He still hates getting his eye drops and also the loud noises from the school bus and trash truck. He goes beserk when he hears them! :)
Unfortunately we didn't make it to any of the festivals to see the Puppy Pals Rescue booth, but am hoping that your shopping site will soon be up and running again. I'd like to get Tipper a couple of more crocheted balls.......... he loves the one he has (what's left of it) and also his blue barbell, although he's doing quite well with all of the other toys. He piles them up on one of the dog beds laying around. He's made himself quite at home and will bark if he needs assistance with something!
Thanks ......... Jo

** Updates 10/26/12**
Hi Tami,
Hope this note finds you doing well!!! Tipper is certainly enjoying the new crochet ball that you sent. He has also been enjoying the Indian Summer weather we've had this past week. He just loves to be out laying in the chair and snoozing while we work :)
Just came back from the vet for a 2 months update on his eyes mainly. He now weighs 10.6 lbs and his eyes are SO MUCH Better!!!! Dr. Mathias did another tear test and he had tears. This reading was.... right eye 25 and left eye 16. I called Pony Express Hospital where PPR had taken him for his initial diagnosis so they could fax the info to our vet. I also asked what the reading was and was advised..... right eye 1 and left eye 9. Wow what a big difference!!!!!! They were pleased to hear the results and Linda was going to pass the info on to Dr. Wiebe.
I'm so thankful that you realized something was wrong and PPR took him in for an exam. I'm also so, so glad that there's so much improvement!!! We'll keep plugging away and pray for continued good results. He doesn't have to go back for a follow-up, so things are moving in the right direction. Dr. Mathias says he's doing just great.
Well, just wanted to let you know. Keep in touch and stay warm next week............. hugs, Jo and Tipper

** Updates 10/30/12**

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Tipper ready for today's weather!

** Updates 5/10/16**
Thank you from Tipper (formerly Gizmo)... Can't imagine our life without him!

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** Updates 6/24/17**
Tipper says hello and sorry that he won't get to see you today! Til another time...

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