Gizmo Adopted 1

Here is Gizmo with her new parents Jim and Kary. She has 3 human kids to play with and one gentle giant fur-sister named Cricket.
The family and Gizmo seem to be adjusting well and we understand she gets to attend the kids outdoor activities and meets them at the bus-stop with her mommy.
We wish them all the best with their new little lap-dog.
Check back for updates!

Gizmo Adopted 2

We love Gizzy and she is starting to feel more comfortable at our house every day. We thought about changing her name, but the kids did not want to. We call her Gizzy. Jim has nicknamed her Gizatronic and said when she's in trouble her name will be Gizabeth Marie. But she NEVER gets in trouble :)
Gizzy is a good girl. She knows she gets a treat after going potty and she'll do the Gizzy Wiggle Dance for a treat. In the evening it's snuggle time on the couch and then off to check on the kids before heading to bed. She goes with us to check on the kids, then zips down the hall and jumps in her own bed. Moments later she starts to snore. We never dreamed an 8 pound dog would snore. But, we've decided since she follows me around all day long, she never gets a chance to nap. She enjoys going in the car on errands (when it's not too hot) and today she went to a soccer tournament from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Gizzy's a busy girl!

Gizmo Update 1

She and Cricket, our Newfoundland, get along great. Here is a picture of them eating together. The girls at the vet laughed about this large and small duo.
We make sure to tell people where we got her and how important it is to adopt a pet. All animals deserve a chance to be loved!!
We'll keep you posted with more updates...
Kary, Jim, Jack, Cade, Sophia and Cricket & Gizzy
**Update 12/15/08**

Gizmo Update 2

We had a party on Saturday night and we were wondering how Gizzy would handle it. It was adults only, she did great. She interacted and "observed" from her bed. I moved it out of the way and she people watched!!!! She also sat by some of my friends and allowed them to pet her.
She is coming along with the kids, too. I thought you would enjoy these pictures...

Gizmo Update 3

The kids made Gizzy a "dog house". Too funny. And Sophie loves to snuggle with her.
She is coming along, but it has been slow :) She still is afraid of Jim :( But he still likes her!

Gizmo Update 3