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Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that our little Gigi got adopted tonight. She will now live in West Carrollton, Ohio with Dean & Karen Holland and family. They are a wonderful animal loving family and I know that Gigi will be spoiled, pampered and very much loved. Her human brother Chad was not there when I completed the adoption, but I understand he is a very happy and can hardly wait to meet his new fursister. Dean & Karen have promised to keep me posted on Gigi.

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Thanks to Janice for contacting the Holland's about Gigi, and to Mary, Sarah and Ali for going to rescue her and bring her to me to foster ... it was a real team effort to find this sweet little girl her furever new family. The Holland's have requested that we keep them posted on any other little Shih Tzu mixes we might get in to the rescue as they might be interested in adopting another one to make their family even more complete and for a playmate for Gigi..

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Thanks again to Dean & Karen for opening their heart and home to a rescue dog in need.

** Updates 03/25/11 **
Tami, Gigi had a great night. She stayed up playing with Chad until about 12-12:30. Then she came up and got in bed with me and slept all night. When I left for work she was snuggled up with Karen and still sleeping.
Gigi is such a great little dog. Chad had a huge smile on his face the instant he saw her, and that huge smile was still there when he went to bed.
Talk to you soon... Dean

** Updates 03/28/11 **
Gigi is doing very well. We still have some potty habits to work on, but everything else is going very well. She is getting spoiled very quickly.

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Gigi has moved in and just made herself at home. She sleeps with me at night, and my for a little dog she sure can snore! She is a snuggle bunny and loves to lay in a lap or snuggled next to someone. She has made our house feel like it is alive again. Dean

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** Updates 04/11/11 **
Hi Tami,
Karen took Gigi to our vet (Paws Inn) today. The vet said she is very healthy and in great shape. He said Gigi is up to 10 pounds. He also said he thinks she is only about a year old.
Gigi is doing great. She doesn't meet a stranger, she just loves everyone that comes in the house, and everyone seems to love her too. Most evenings about 7:30 she starts looking for someone to snuggle with. We are still working on the potti habits, but she is getting better.
Gigi is so much fun. In just a couple of weeks she has stolen our hearts, and we are so glad to have her.
** Updates 04/12/12 **
GiGi is doing great. She is healthy, happy and extremely spoiled.

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