Gert Adopted 1

I just ran up to the hardware store and dropped her off at our daughter's, Deb the vet. When I stopped back to pick her up there were four kids, a golden, a cat and Deb playing in the back yard. Gertie was having a ball. She had never seen so many people and such a BIG dog. They have a nice big fenced yard with a bunch of trees and other stuff. Gertie was in doggie heaven. She ran and ran and sniffed and panted and then laid down from exhaustion.....but she couldn't know how that goes.....and off she went again, running and chasing. She will sleep well tonight.
Here, it's very quiet, as you can imagine. She is limited to the tiled areas in the kitchen and utility room with a long rope. We have her on a fairly strict schedule and take her out on a leash at regular intervals. Just returned from getting her a plush doggie bed and a baby gate which will keep her out of the carpeted area in the dining room. So far she is a little darling and she has captured our hearts. She's a keeper.
Nancy & Bob

** Updates 06/18/10**
Good Friday morning all,
Here is your Friday smile for the day! Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of Bert and his LITTLE sister Gert (what a sweetie). . . yes, I said little sister. Gertie is staying the weekend here at the Barlow's. I am sure her and Bert will have a great time playing like in the old days when they were just little puppies!
Have a great Friday! Tami

Bert Adopted 26

Bert Adopted 27

** Updates 09/03/11 **
Thanks for remembering Gertie`s birthday. She has been the best thing to happen to us. She is such an affectionate dog. Thanks to your part. Hope things are going well with Bert.

** Updates 09/27/12 **
Bert Is so cute, Tami. He looks so much like Gertie. By the way, so kind of you to send a birthday card to Gertie. I can`t believe it`s been three years. How are you all doing? Is Bert hanging in there? We just love Gertie to pieces. One of the best things we`ve done. We need to get these siblings together sometime. Just call if you are in the area and bring him over.

** Updates 10/18/12 **
Tami, Gertie has become so precious to us, so much personality and soul.  You must have done a great job in her very early formative first 8 wks.  She doesn`t have a mean bone in her.  Have a great day!

** Updates 9/4/14 **
Tami, thanks for the sweet birthday card for Gert!!! You never forget. How are Mert and Bert doing? Is Bert still healthy and is Mert improving after her bad experience? Will you be keeping her? You are an angel in disguise. Please stop over some evening with them so they can interact again, and also, you can take off if you have some errands to run. We`d love to have them. Gertie is the greatest, we love her so much. Have to admit she is a little spoiled and seems to be more of an alpha dog as she gets older. She may need to have Mert put her in her place. Remember, how Mert just took so much and then laid the law down with Gert. They`re are so funny. I hope Mert is enjoying life again. I also hope that Bert is still very mobile. He is like a little stuffed animal.