Gabby1238 Adopted 1

The K'house would like to congratulate our neighbors across the street on their newest addition to their family - Gabby.
Gabby was adopted by the Nath Family of Beavercreek. Hopefully, we will get to visit her from time to time. The family worked hard with Gabby to help her adjust. Gabby had spent several weeks at their house being trained. They have done an unbelievable job! Gabby has made tremendous progress in her socialization with the help of PPR's Alicia who assisted with suggestions during the progress.
Gabby is pictured on the left and her fur-sister, Maggie, on the right.
The Naths are wonderful people and Gabby is one lucky girl. We look forward to receiving updates on Gabby.
Congratulations to the Nath Family!!

** Updates 01/10/13**
Hi Linda,
Thanks for the picture and compliments. I am happy to report Gabby and Maggie are now playing together. I guess Maggie couldn't resist Gabby's cuteness anymore and it's really nice to watch them having fun. Thanks for letting us work with Gabby before adopting her. We enjoyed visiting with you, let's get together again and if you want to see Gabby, please stop by anytime. Have a great day!