Frazier - now Brodie!

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Brodie (formerly Frazier) is now living very happily with John and Maggie Houston of Kettering Ohio. Brodie has several doggie beds to choose from and lots of toys to play with. John and Maggie can't say enough of how wonderful Brodie is.

** Updates 4/6/12**
Brodie seems to be settling in well. Two walks, lots of time in the yard, what a lovely dog. He LOVES my husband ...
What you do is wonderful. You saved a little dog who will save another life.
Blessings to you and your husband.

** Updates 3/27/12**
Hi Laura,
FYI: Brodie was neutered yesterday as scheduled and he spent last night at the vet's.
I picked him up this morning and was totally surprised by his energy. He will wear a special collar for the next 10 days to prohibit him from licking his wound, but this has not curbed his enthusiasm. He is now a muscular 16 pounds, so has put on 5 pounds since he came to us. I was amused that the first thing he did when we got home was to run unto our bedroom, as if to check if his bed crate was still there. He is very intelligent and is a great joy to us.
Best regards, John Houston