Fluffy Adopted 3

Hi... It's me again, Fluffy, or as my mom calls me - Fluffer Nutter Peanut Butter!
She says she calls me that because I remind her of her favorite sandwich when she was a little girl... White Marshmallow Fluff and Peanut Butter Sandwich, and she says I am just as sweet!
Just wanted to let you all know that I have found my new furever home and I am so excited! My new momma says that my excitement shows because I never stop wagging my tail! I am so glad that PPR stepped in and rescued all us dogs back in February.
My new family just happens to be my foster family. I have been here for 3 months and during that time, my momma has helped me with my yeast infection, dry eye, taken care of me after I had 6 tumors removed, 4 teeth extracted and was spayed. Then she found out I had to be treated for Mange, boy I call that the extreme makeover!

Fluffy Adopted 1

But look at me now, I am just a vision of beauty, well at least that's what they tell me... you see I can not see very well but I don't need to see my new family with 20/20 vision when I can feel how much they must love me. My mom keeps telling me that in her heart she really believes that Gizzy Girl sent me to her. I don't know who Gizzy is but she must have been a very special dog to my momma and I just want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a wonderful new family and home. I could not be happier!
Check back for updates, as I get to go everywhere with my new family... and I am sure I will have more stories to tell. Thanks again to the Rescue for finding all of us rescue dogs such wonderful & loving homes.
Until next time,
Puppy Hugs and lots of Kisses,

Fluffy Adopted 2

** Updates 10/12/10**
Here is your Tuesday smile for the day. . .
How cute is this - they (Fluffy, foster-sister Roxy and fur-brother Bert) were all snuggled together in one of PPR's Puff Beds. It was way too cute to not to take a picture!
Hope you enjoy! Have a great day! Tami

Bert Adopted 24

** Updates 02/22/13 **
Here is your Friday smile for the day!
It's been a "RUFF" Friday for the gang (Bert, Toby and foster pup Taz)... lol!
Enjoy! Tami

Bert Adopted 12

Bert Adopted 14

** Updates 04/03/13 **
Here is your Wednesday smile..
Look at my pretty little girl Fluffy...with her pink bow.. what a beauty! She got back from the doggie spa - aka groomers!
Enjoy! Tami

Fluffy Adopted 6

** Updates 05/21/13 **
I went upstairs and this is what I saw:)! WAY Too sweet... it is a RUFF life here at the Barlow's... it is morning nap time!
Toby, Bert, and Fluffy!
Enjoy! Tami

Bert Adopted 15

** Updates 06/12/13**
Here is your Wednesday smile for the day :)!

Fluffy Adopted 4

I would like to say Miss Fluffy was out drinking last night with her girlfriends... but really she is just taking her afternoon nap.. Way toooooo funny!!! She makes me smile every day!

Fluffy Adopted 5

I hope she makes you smile today!

** Updates 04/16/14**
I go upstairs to check on the dogs, and this is what I find...
How cute is that!!! Happy Wednesday!

Bert Adopted 48

Bert Adopted 49

Bert Adopted 50