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I'm VERY PLEASED to announce that today (April 4, 2013), Faith went to her new home in the country, south of Xenia. She'll be on a 220 acre farm with a furkid Maltese sister who is just about as energetic as Faith.

Faith1306 Adopted 2

Her new momma, Marcia, intends to do everything needed to harness her energy and to make her into a lady.

Faith1306 Adopted 3

** Updates 04/05/13**
Joie Faith has had a wonderful and active day in her new home! She and her new brother Murray have been playing hard ever since Russ left this afternoon! She is quite cute and checking out her new digs. She did potty pee once inside, but I really do think it was my fault... she drank quite a bit of water before we left to go pick up a pizza. (Thank you for the seat belt thing, I used it on her and really like it!) When we got back I put my car in garage and closed the garage door so she wouldn't escape and she peed on the rug.... Like I said, my fault! I did put her in our new crate for about 20 min. while I ate and relaxed and she did fine.
Oh, she met our cat... that was hilarious! The cat went behind the sofa to get away from her and both sides were blocked off so Joie Faith couldn't get to JessieCat. It about drove her nutty!! Finally JessieCat came out and then Joie Faith just backed off and wouldn't even go sniff her!!