Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae Adopted 1

I wanted to send out some pictures of my new "baby", Ellie Mae. She got here at noon today and is adjusting well. She has discovered "The Chair of Knowledge" (Mark's Lazy boy), always a favorite with the pups. She is in my lap as I type this.
She had a good look around the whole yard several times today, sniffing everything. I don't think she'll be satisfied until she has smelled every square inch of it. She's very curious and alert and has already warned me of an intruder - it was Mark - good girl!

Ellie Mae Adopted 2

Well, one more lap around the yard before we go to bed. I have a feeling Ellie Mae will fit just fine in the big bed with us.

Ellie Mae Adopted 3

** Update 06/23/09 **

Ellie Mae Adopted 4

I had to send this picture of Ellie Mae after her visit to the "salon", she looks so pretty.
I took her to the vet last Tuesday and Dr. Horton looked her over thoroughly. He said she was doing well and probably really was around 8 yrs old. He suggested switching her to Science Diet Mature formula and getting her dental cleaning right away. They had to take blood to test before putting her under anesthesia for the dental. We scheduled it for last Friday and all went well - no extractions. She was very good at the vet visit. You would have been very proud.
She has had only 2 accidents in the house & one was definitely my fault - she is doing great! She doesn't tell me when she needs to go out yet, but I feel sure it is just a matter of time. She is a very smart girl.
I introduced her to Copper on Saturday, (the cockapoo that will be staying with us for a week,) and she s-l-o-w-l-y accepted him. He came by Monday for another visit and I think she will be OK with him as long as she gets more attention than he does.
We are so happy to have Ellie Mae. She is a little sweetie-pie angel.
Thank you again for taking such good care of her.
Winks from Ellie,

** Update 07/21/09 **

Ellie Mae Adopted 5

Here are a few pictures of Ellie Mae. We are visiting my parents in Alabama and took a side trip to Louisiana to see my brother, Kevin, and his family. Kevin has 3 children and a small dog. Ellie Mae was very well behaved. She only growled a little at the other dog and not at all at the children. We are very proud of her.

Ellie Mae Adopted 6

Mom and Dad are smitten, and she loves her "Grammy" and "Granddaddy". She is a very good traveler - good company on the long drive.
Winks from Ellie Mae,
Take care,
Kirsten and Mark

** Update 08/04/11 **
Dear Tami,
Just a note to let you know that Ellie Mae is doing great. Mark and I are really enjoying our little pup. She is such a sweetheart. She lets us know when she needs to go out and when it's time for breakfast, lunch and dinner! She loves to chew on a cow hoof - it seems to bring her great pleasure. She enjoys pestering the chipmunks in the yard. She loves to play with the dog and cat next door and has gotten so much better when introduced to new dogs.
We are so glad we found her. I've attached some photos.

Ellie Mae Adopted 8

Hope you are well.

Ellie Mae Adopted 10

Sincerely, Kirsten and Mark Waldron... and winks from Ellie Mae

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