Ebony Adopted 1

Here is Ebony with her new family, the Patrick family truly love the Chi breed. Ebony has two senior fur-sisters and two human brothers who just love her. The boys were waiting in the driveway when I arrived... waiting to see Ebony.
They look forward to Ebony being a part of their family. They have acres of land around them to go for walks and runs.
Ebony was taking a run around the house when I left... she seemed to fit in the Patrick house very well.
Hi Linda,
Just checking in. Ebony seems to be finding her place just fine.
She is enjoying many laps to sit on and can't seem to decide which one is the best so she roams from lap to lap. She is eating fine and sleeps on my husband at night.
Thank you for letting us have such a funny cute and sweet dog.
Dodie Patrick