Dutchess1204 Adopted 1

Dutchess has been adopted by Diane DePascale of Oakwood. She has a new fursister, Coco, and is looking forward to a spoiled life being a loved pup!
You can see her in the above picture enjoying her new life with her new momma - with fursister Coco looking down and neighbor Yorkie friend (and fellow PPR rescue pup), Titus, trying to get in on a little attention!

** Updates 01/08/12**
Dutchess was a little snuggle bug with Diane last night - and the best part was... Coco was very okay with that. Dutchess is charming and seemed to relax after a while. She actually played a little bit in the evening. Diane had both girls dressed in red sweaters and you could see they were both content with one another. Dutchess will truly be treated well.

** Updates 03/19/17**

Dutchess1204 Adopted 2

Honey Pup (formerly Duchess) is still a cutie at age 10... thought I would share... I was over visiting and she was being cute.