Duke Adopted 1

Duke has been adopted by the Lee and Beth Petty family in Virginia.
** Updates 01/10/11 **
We all absolutely LOVE Duke.  My youngest was laying on my bed with him last night repeating, “I just love Duke” over and over.  My other son said, “Duke is the best dog ever.”  Our daughter takes Duke for daily walks as soon as she gets home from school and my husband loves to play with him chasing him around the house when he gets home.  (He must have gotten a little carried away the other night – Duke came and hid from him behind me – I have taken on the “protector” role.  
We just returned from his local vet visit.  All is well – he’s up to 23 pounds - vet recommended watching his food intake and maybe getting him to 22 pounds.  We have also noticed what the vet called “emotional” urinating.  Duke was quite stressed at the vet’s and did it several times there.  He has done it quite a few times here and we have learned to come in the door and ignore Duke at first, which has seemed to really help. 
Thank you for all of your assistance in getting Duke into our home.  We do love him to death and look forward to many wonderful years with him.
Sincerely, Beth
** Updates 01/18/11 **
Dear Janice,
Here are photos of Duke with the kids.  We haven’t gotten any of the whole family yet.  He’s doing great!  No accidents since last Monday.  The kids had a ball playing with him outside all weekend. 
Have a nice week! Beth

Duke1079 Adopted 1

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