Duffy went to his new forever home today in Westerville Ohio. He will be living with Michael Gibson and Kathy Smith their son Quinnon and big fursister Gracie. Duffy willl be much loved and spoiled and made himself right at home by going upstairs and finding a stuffed elephant to play with. Quinnon who is 7 years old said he thought Duffy was "perfect"!
Will send pictures once I replace the camera cord that some pup chewed on this morning....Duffy?????? Laura

** Updates 04/12/11 **
Things are going well. As I write this, Duffy is sleeping at my feet. He's getting settled in, with only a few minor issues. He slept with Quinn last night and, at first, tried to get out the room. Poor Quinn cried "Duffy doesn't love me." We got everyone tucked in and Duffy snuggled up to him for the rest of the night. He did, however, decide that he'd rather use Quinn's room to relieve himself and Kathy spent the day following him around picking up after him. No matter, he's too damn cute to hold a grudge. Gracie is warming up to him, slowly but surely. He's not eating much, and Quinn actually hand fed him last night. I put his food down for him this evening and gave him about twenty minutes to eat. He nibbled and decided that he wasn't interested. It's a work in progress.
We love him very much and Kathy is getting his initial vet check all lined up.
Thanks for taking the time to drive him over yesterday. He has a "forever" home with us. We'll send pics soon.
Take care, Michael

** Picture Updates 04/14/11 **

Duffy1122 Adopted 1

Duffy1122 Adopted 2

** Updates 04/27/11 **
He's doing so well. He and Gracie are getting along great and Quinnon has bonded quickly with Duffy.
He's taken to sleeping at the end of the bed and laying at my feet when I'm on the computer. We couldn't have asked for a better match.
I hid the Steelers bandanas. :)

** Updates 01/07/12 **
Sorry it's been so long since we've communicated, but I wanted to give you an update on Duffy. He is doing great and is a fantastic dog. He's actually been very trainable, but has a nack for escaping .
Quinn loves him very much and Duffy usually sleeps in Quinn's room to "scare away the monsters" in his closet. Kathy is very attached and takes Duffy almost everywhere she goes. We moved back into Kathy's house in September and he and Gracie now have a big back yard and lots of friends to play with.
I've included an updated photo.
I hope you've been able to place lots more pups in good homes.
Take care, Michael, Kathy and Quinn (Duffy and Gracie, too)

Duffy1122 Adopted 3