Chika (formerly Dolly)

Chicka Adopted 1

Little Dolly now named Chika has been happily adopted by the Masseth family, Bill, Diane, Nikki, & Natalie, of Springboro, Ohio, (which is a bonus for me because they live right across the street.. so I can visit Chika.. yah for me!) Chika has 2 new fur brothers, Cosmo & Grover to share this wonderful new forever life with.
I know that Chika will be one spoiled and pampered little pooch, and she will be treated like the little princess of the house! Thank you so much to the Masseth's for opening their heart and home to one of our rescue dogs!

Chicka Adopted 2

Check back for updates, they have assured me they will be sending lots of pictures of their new baby girl Chika!
Thanks, Tami
** Update 04/26/10 **
Awww, thanks Tami! She ate well this afternoon went potty outside. She loves her new hoodie and prances around in it. Nikki and her have bonded, she follows her everywhere and when she's sleepy, lays on her lap and nappie time! I'll keep you posted with pics, enjoy your concert tonight!
Di and the girls

Chicka Adopted 3