Dolly Adopted 1

Hello all!
Attached are a few pictures of Dolly with her new family. We still aren't quite sure what we're calling her - I think her name is Dolly Snickers Berry. See... we've had a food theme with our pets these past few years - Popcorn, Skittles, Peanuts, Oreo. So she sort of needs a name in that "zone".

Dolly Adopted 2

Daddy tends to call her Dolly, the kids tend to call her Snickers (the baby usually just says "noooooo") and I call her everything - sometimes Snickerdolly!! We figure that by the end of the week we will settle with something so that we quit confusing her!!! Luckily she answers to all!

Dolly Adopted 3

** Updates 12/25/11**

Dolly Adopted 4

Dolly Adopted 4

Christmas joy - a toy!

** Updates 09/23/12**

Dolly Adopted 5