Dixie Adopted 1

Our Miss Dixie was adopted today, She now has a new momma named Kelley Leist and both reside in Waverly, Ohio. Kelley had a home visit yesterday by Janice; and, Kelley drove over today to Beavercreek and picked up her new BFF.
Our congratulations to both! We Miss you Dixie!

** Update 06/09/10 **
Russ and Linda,
Dixie's first night was amazing she has settled in rather quickly! She doesn't pay much attention to the cats, they are wondering about their fur sister! She slept with me and cuddled all night. No accidents yet goes to door for me to take her out ate a hearty breakfast this morning. She is making up with the rest of family pretty well and they are being very patient with her. What a wonderful young lady, love her so much already! Thanks for fostering her and trusting our family to give her the life she deserves! Will send more updates soon!
P.S. Dixie says hi and thanks too!!
Kelley & Dixie!!
** Update 06/16/10 **
Dixie is doing great playing and seems to love her life with us! She has made up with the whole family and is such a wonderful girl. She has an appt. later in the week for her summer cut and grooming, also making appt. with vet to get her established. She loves going for rides on the golf cart with me and the deer watching is keeping her quite busy! Thanks for allowing our family to adopt her we love her dearly!! Will send pics soon!
PUPPY HUGS!! Kelley & Dixie!!