Maxwell (formerly Dino)

Things are great! I guess the big news is that his name is now Maxwell (Max). All the dogs in the family are named after characters from the TV show MASH, and so after talking to my family, I decided to follow suit. He is named after Maxwell Klinger. He now fits in with his cousins Radar, Riley,and Trapper and they all love to play together.
As for the cats, things are improving. They still aren't entirely sold on him but they just ignore him. Max desperately wants to play with them but at this point, they are still keeping their distance but every day is better.

I just had my back yard fenced in so Max and I have been spending lots of time playing in the yard and exploring. He loves to play fetch and runs around like a mad man. Max has also had four weeks of training classes. He has mastered commands like sit and lay down and we are actively working on teaching him patience and how to loose leash walk. We are having so much fun and he has added so much to my life.
Thanks again for allowing me to adopt him. I will send updated pictures in a few weeks.

** Update **
I wanted to send you an update on Max.
Last night, he graduated from his puppy training class. He learned so much and was definitely the valepuptorian. We are going to take the next round of classes and then I am thinking of signing him up for some agility training. I think that would be a great outlet for his energy.
Max is now fully house trained and crate trained and has learned to play fetch. It is his new favorite game.
We hope to visit the puppy pals team at the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival so everyone can see Max. You wouldn't even recognize him. He is 16 pounds now and is very long. He still has his sweet, adorable face though. I love him so much!
Laura Dickson
** Update 03/01/09 **
Hi Puppy Pals,
I wanted to send a quick email update on Max, who I adopted in May 2008. He recently celebrated his 1st birthday and has grown up so much.
He is the sweetest, happiest little guy. He is very high energy (due to the terrier I'm sure) and loves to play with other pups. He goes to Doggy Day camp at Petsmart once per week and is one of their favorites.
He has brought so much joy to my life and I am so grateful to Puppy Pals for saving him.
Laura Dickson