Devon - now Lars!
Lars has found a wonderful home with the Mike and Ellen Gerber family. Mike said he acts as if he knows this is his last stop and his new home - that he is fitting in like he has lived there all his life. He was already responding to his new name and had also put on a 1.2 lbs he needed.
Lars' new family took separate cars to the park for the dogs to meet before bringing him into their home to see how they would do. They called me first thing this morning to thank me and to tell me everything was going very well and the dogs loved each other and the boys are loving him too. Elllen has had him on her lap a lot and they have been feeding him from their hands.
I can not wait to get picture's from them. He is a happy little guy and very sweet. Way to go Lars - great new home!

** Updates 04/02/11 **
Hello Everyone,

Devon1119 Adopted 1

I wanted to share these pictures with you that the Gerber Family sent to me of Devon - now Lars. He has fit in as if he has been there forever - they love him so much and he is getting a lot of attention. I knew this would be the perfect home and as you can see by the pictures, it looks like he has won the lottery here.

Devon1119 Adopted 2

One picture shows him laying with his new mom, Ellen. The other picture shows Lars and his fur brother Boo sitting on his new mom's lap. The last picture shows Lars taking a nap while his human brother is on the computer. As you can see his toys are never far away - these are some things I sent with him and it looks like he got new toys and some new clothes. More updates soon! Cindy

Devon1119 Adopted 4

Devon1119 Adopted 3

** Updates 04/04/11 **
Lars is a doll! By day two in our home, it was like he had been there forever. He seems to like falling asleep on his back when he's on my lap. Too cute! He doesn't walk - he prances - and the way he stands on his hind legs when he thinks he is going to get a treat is adorable. He's smart too. He knows when he's done something wrong, like taking a toy from his new furry brother, Boo. He's so good about going outside - Boo could take some lessons from him! He likes to look out the window in our family room and keep us safe from squirrels, birds, neighbors, and blowing leaves by barking at them : ) Also, I don't think we're going to have to worry about him being too skinny for long, he has a healthy appetite. Mike, Reed, Ben, and I took him for a walk in the park and he really enjoyed that, although when he got tired I think he enjoyed the "carrying" part, too!
I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised a "rescue dog" could be so well-adjusted but Lars could not have a sweeter temperament and personality. We've all fallen in love with Lars! Thank you, Cindy, and PPR for the happy new addition to our family.
Ellen, Mike, Reed, and Ben (and Boo!)

** Updates 04/20/11 **
Lars is still doing great! It's like he's been a part of the family for a long time. Even he and Boo are getting along better. . .or at least Boo has found ways of dealing with the situation and having fun too. They are starting to play tug-of-war with the toys - both of them growling "fiercely" the whole time. Before, if Boo tried to play with a toy, Lars would immediately steal it from him and Boo would look bewildered. Now, Boo goes and gets a different toy, which of course Lars again tries to immediately steal, and Boo runs back to get the first toy he was playing with and runs under the chair where Lars can't get to him. I guess age, wisdom, and trickery are helping Boo! Having another dog in the house is keeping Boo busier and gives him something to think about which I think is great for him.
Lars is such a good boy. He knows the word "no" and "leave it" so well. He sits down and tries to look so innocent. He even goes right into his crate when asked. He runs to greet me like I've been gone for days when I've only been gone for five minutes! He's eating well and his little backbone isn't feeling as "bony" as it did before so he must be gaining weight. He loves to run outside and bark at nothing - I think he's just asserting his dominance over the world. : ) He is also a great hugger and cuddler. . .and he sure likes his belly rubbed.
What a great puppy!!! Ellen