Dakota Adopted 1

Russ and I just wanted to share that our little foster Dakota was adopted this evening by a wonderful yorkie loving family in Trenton, OH. They have owned yorkies and know the breed well.
Here is a picture of Dakota with Barbara & Jim Valandingham. Dakota will be greeted by a furbrother named Duncan when he arrives to his forever home.
I miss him already!
** Update 02/24/09 **
Thanks so much for the picture. It was wonderful to meet you as well. The work you are doing for these animals is so important, you are two of God's Special Angels!
Dakota has made himself right at home and is getting along with Duncan. He is a real sweetheart and has brought a lot of life back into our lives. He sat on my lap all the way home Thurs. night. I love him already. I'll write more later and send pictures.
Thanks again for selecting us to love and protect Dakota.
** Update 03/31/09 **
Dakota is doing just great. It took a couple of weeks, but he and Duncan are finally playing and I have seen them giving each other kisses. I thought we might have to change his name to Houdini, the great escape artist. He has gotten free 2 times. I chased him for it seemed like 5 miles one night until I finally rescued him. Of course he was having a ball running freely while I was in hot pursuit behind him. Now that we know how fast he is, we have taken extra precautions to keep him safe.
Jim took the boys for a hair cut last week and the groomer said he was really good. He sleeps with me and Duncan part of the time and on a doggie bed the rest of the night.
He is so affectionate and cute! I really think we made the right decision when we picked him for the newest member of our family. He loves to be brushed and I try to do that at least once a day. We still have work to do on potty training but I won't give up on him until he gets it right.
One of the things he likes to do is run the fence with the two Great Danes that live in back of us. I am sure he wouldn't seem quite so fierce if he met them face to face instead of a six foot high fence! I love him so much and couldn't imagine not having him.
Know that he is loved and taken care of.
Barbara Valandingham