Daisy1201 Adopted 1

Daisy has been adopted and is now living in Loveland Ohio with her new mom and dad and 3 other fur-siblings!

** Updates 01/21/12**
You would not believe how well Daisy is doing. She has not shown her teeth (only her under bite) to anyone think your Mom was right, she was just protecting everyone else). Every time we put her outside she potties. She has eaten some, both yesterday and this morning, and never misses a treat when she comes in from outside – oh, and we have found out she loves cheese. She slept in the big bed last night and didn’t get up until I did this morning. She is lying on the floor beside my computer right now. Normally she is on my lap when I’m sitting down. I think her and Harley will become great friends - right now Harley is a little green with envy, he has not been mean at all, he just makes sure he is there for his share of attention and he will certainly get it.
She was a little hesitant about the icy grass this morning - didn’t want to go off the patio and came back to the door. I just told her “go to potty” and she walked back out into the grass and did just that. Can you tell we are glad she came to live with us?
Yesterday after you left, whenever she would get up on the back of the loveseat and look out the window she would cry, waiting for you to come back for her. Don’t want to make you feel bad with that statement, just want you to know to me that shows that she loves you for all that you have done for her. I truly appreciate people like you who are willing to help these discarded pups and find them good forever homes. Thanks so much.
Take care and again thanks,
Lois and Daisy
PS - I will keep in touch and let you know how Daisy is doing.