Daisy Adopted 1

Hey Janice,
It was so nice meeting you today (finally). I just wanted to update you on Daisy. She rides soooo good in the car! We were so proud of her.

Daisy Adopted 2

When we got home we let her just roam and explore the backyard. She sniffed and sniffed. I probably should have left her out even longer because when she came in the house (I picked her up & brought her in) she ran from room to room as fast as she could and went to the boys room and dropped a load. No biggie (easy pickup). I let her out the back door to explore some more and after she tinkled we let her in again. She makes one little scratch on the back door when she is ready to come in.

Daisy Adopted 3

The boys LOVE her and she has already taken to them, especially our youngest son Ryan (he is 3, soon to be 4). She found all the toys we bought her and began running with them through the house & shaking them hard. When she heard the boys giggling and following her she just made herself at home. She loves to be played with and they love playing with her too. It was kind of hard getting the boys to go to sleep tonight. They wanted her to sleep with them. You can see her in bed with the boys. Ryan is pouting because he wanted her to stay in the bed with him.

Daisy Adopted 4

I thought she had already picked a best friend before we got home (my husband). She rode in my lap for about 20 minutes and then climbed into his lap the rest of the way home. But... when she saw the boys she immediately started running and wanting to play with them. I think she is going to love everyone. Tonight she is following me around and watching me eat my strawberries and type this letter to you. What a cutie! I'll send more pictures soon!
Have a good evening,

Daisy Adopted 5

I just let her in the house from exploring in the backyard and we are amazed with her already. She is settling in very quickly. She was looking at the both of us wagging her tail and then she burped really loud and made a snorting noise. How funny!!!

Daisy Adopted 6

** Update **

Daisy Adopted 7

Hey Janice,
Thought I'd share these cute pictures of Ryan and Daisy. She is really out of her shell now. She follows me all over the house, steals Ryan's toys and runs off with them while he chases her (she grabbed his Thomas the Tank Engine backpack tonight and was dragging it through the house), and the list goes on and on!
Hope you had a nice weekend at the Puppy Pals Rescue Birthday Party.
Take care,
LeAnn & family

Daisy Adopted 8

** Update 5/26/09 **

Daisy Update 1

Hey Janice,
We are having way too much fun with Daisy. She goes just about everywhere with us and has adjusted very well. I've been spending the last 10 minutes trying to get a good picture of her but my camera is slow taking a picture and by the time it flashes she has moved and it's just a big blur.
She goes just about everywhere with us even if we're just going down the street to visit family. She is definitely one of the kids. Yesterday when we went on our daily walk we made a pit stop at my in-.laws house and my mom held her leash while I went inside to check on the boys. Mom said that she whined and wimpered for me. She is very attached to me (and I'm very attached to her as well). Connor and Ryan are always loving on her (giving her hugs & kisses and telling her how cute and loved she is).

Daisy Update 2

Daisy is by far the best dog I've ever had (and my last dog was a wonderful and loving Shih Tzu). I tell everyone the story of how we found her through Puppy Pals Rescue. Everywhere we go people & kids always comment on how cute she is. She is adorable and her personality makes her even more so.
I just tried taking a couple of pictures and she settled down enough for me to get some with the boys. We just returned from Pets Mart (we had to get more Canin Shih Tzu dog food and another clear plastic canister with dog paw prints all over it for her treats) and it took her a few minutes to calm down.
It is so funny that you wrote me tonight because I was thinking about you today! Let me know how you are doing. I'll try to keep sending more pictures your way!
Hugs, LeAnn, Doug, Connor, Ryan & Daisy!

** Update 2/09/10 **

I just wanted to share some pictures with you. Daisy is doing great and is the best dog ever! I took this picture just a few minutes ago and thought you would love to see her. Hope you are doing well and staying warm this winter!! Take care,
LeAnn, Doug, Connor, Ryan and Daisy Hill

Daisy Update 3

Daisy Update 4