Mia (formerly Cuddles)

Cuddles Adopted 1

Hi all,
I have attached the newest pictures of Mia. She is the sweetest little girl & cute too!
I gave her the standard Chinese Crested Hairless hair do. She looks like a really little pony...

Cuddles Adopted 2

I give her a bath once a week and put lotion all over her skin. I check her skin daily for break outs. They are just like people and can get acne.
She is now big enough for a real t-shirt (she has to have cotton against her skin). For the first few weeks, I cut up some of Michael's socks to use as a t-shirt so she had turtle necks for a long time LOL...

Cuddles Adopted 3

She is a doll and we love her.

Cuddles Adopted 4