Cowboy and Whitey

Cowboy and Whitey Adopted 1

Cowboy and Whitey were adopted today by Billie Dickson and now will reside in Beavercreek Ohio. Billie's daughter Laura adopted one of our rescue dogs back in 2008 (Dino, now Maxwell) and put her mom in touch with our website to find her new boys. . . thank you so much Laura!!!

Cowboy and Whitey Adopted 2

The boys have a big beautiful backyard to run around in and play for hours and I know they will give Billie many, many years of happiness, love and smiles! :)

Cowboy and Whitey Adopted 3

Thank you so much to Billie for opening her heart and her home to not 1 but 2 rescue dogs in need of a forever family.

Cowboy and Whitey Adopted 4

I will miss those 2 boys, they were very entertaining and funny little guys! Stay tune for updates! Tami

Cowboy and Whitey Adopted 5

** Updates 5/20/12**
Hi Tami!
I thought I'd send a quick email to let you know that the whole family is in love with Cowboy and Whitey. They seem to have settled in pretty well and are just so sweet. My mom got them a big (2 dog bed) and put it in her room last night. Cowboy slept in it half the night and Whitey in bed (burrowed under the covers with my mom) and then they apparently switched places because she woke up with Cowboy in bed with her and Whitey in the dog bed. :) They are meeting Max today and I think that will be great as well.
Hope all is well. Laura & Billie

** Updates 3/27/12**
Hi Tami,
Just wanted to give you an update on Cowboy and Whitey. They are settling in really well. They cuddle with me every night, just as you predicted - I've never had dogs burrow in bed like these boys do. We are still working on house training - I know it is just a matter of time before we have that completed. Max has been here since Monday night, so they have been working on getting along with him. He is more energetic than these two laid back boys so it's been interesting, but all are doing well. It took a couple days for the cat to accept them, but now he comes out and joins in the cuddle fest in the chair. No fusses at all.
Had a vet visit Friday afternoon. She confirmed they are in good health and very sweet. They had each gained about 1/2 pound but you can't tell by looking at them. They are now microchipped and should not need to return until next year.
They love the back yard. When I let them out they just run back and forth and roll in the grass. They like to play with each other, but have not shown much interest in their toys yet.
Thanks to you and Puppy Pals we have become a happy little family.
Billie Dickson

** Updates 6/4/12**
Tami, The boys are doing great. Everyone is in a routine - an occasional accident in the house but haven't been using the belly bands at all. They are getting lots of exercise in the yard and even take a walk now and then. So happy to have them.

** Updates 12/13/12**
I just wanted to share a Christmas card I received in the mail from Cowboy and Whitey’s new mom. I believe she painted this in watercolors (she is an artist)!
hope you enjoy... Tami

Cowboy and Whitey Card