Cora Belle

Corabelle Adopted 1

Pictured here are Lora & Albert Cornell, who are the proud parents of a new baby girl named Cora Belle. Cora now lives in Ohio and has a huge backyard to play in!!

CoraBelle Adopted 2

We spoke with Albert last week and Cora is adjusting and is fitting right in... We miss her little attention dance, She was a very sweet girl and we wish the Cornell family much love and enjoyment with their new little furkid.

CoraBelle Adopted 3

Hello Linda, I wanted to give you an update on Cora Belle.
Our yard has been completely fenced in now so she can run around outside. She likes to play with the neighbor's cats.

CoraBelle Adopted 4

On the weekends we have been taking her to a local dog park to run and play with other dogs. She really enjoys that. She has started training classes at Petsmart also.
We love her so much!

CoraBelle Adopted 5