Cooper Adopted 1

Recently we found a forever home for one of our Shih Tzu puppies - his name was Cooper. We had the pleasure of selecting is new family - the Maxwell's (Laura & Andy) who reside in the Cincinnati area. Pictured: is Cooper with Momma, Laura and daughter, Jamie.

** Update 10/18/10 **

Cooper is doing really well. He has been completely house trained since 5 months old and so he has earned the privilege of sleeping upstairs with "the pack". HE LOVES IT!! By the way, Cooper is a big boy. He probably weighs about 16 or 17 pounds by now. He's stopped shedding his puppy fur, but he still does a lot of noisemaking - groaning, yipping, barking, crying. He is a talker. More than anything, he is very affectionate and likes to be loved, especially by Jaimie. He loves to be in the yard, so he gets dirty pretty quickly. What else would you expect from a boy? Good thing he is always willing to get a bath. He goes on a long walk every day and loves to eat and chew bones. Laura

Cooper Adopted 2

** Updates 07/14/11 **
Hi Linda. I just wanted to give you a COOPER update. He just had a check up at the vet and he weighs 23 pounds! That must be 2x as much as Coco. He is doing great and still loves to dig holes in the yard. Laura
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