CoCo Adopted 1

Here is CoCo with her new Daddy, Harvey Harris.
She has met her 4 feline brothers and/or sisters and all is well.
Once CoCo got settled in, she was ready to get down to some serious lap sitting. She's going to be one spoiled pup.
** Update **

CoCo Adopted 2

Hi Jen,
Right now CoCo is on a pillow in my lap dozing away in front of the computer. Other laps and chairs are fine, but this is the place that puts her instantly asleep. Who knows why... She goes everywhere with us, which means mostly me on errands, and she really resents Kroger's rule against pets.
Jan picked out a pink and brown jacket for her walks and rides in cold, wet weather, and she wears it like a model. Jan also gave her a bath Friday, which went very smoothly.
Ernie, one of our four cats, has ventured into my lap a couple of times when CoCo was there, which is pretty good considering that after CoCo's arrival, Ernie stayed under the bed for three days.
Hope you and your new fosters are doing well.
** Update Christmas 2008 **

CoCo Adopted 3

Hi Jen,
CoCo's Christmas Clip... to make her look more poodley.

CoCo Adopted 4

Hope you and your gang had a merry Christmas. More holiday pix to come when we've recovered a bit from our visit to daughter Tracy and family in northern Indiana.

CoCo Adopted 5

You shudda seen CoCo on the ice!

CoCo Adopted 6

Harve and Jan